Meet Our CEO


Jason Bocchino Picture

Jason Bocchino Feb. 2014

Jason Bocchino, CEO and President Prior to opening BND, Mr. Bocchino was the President of Millennium Collection Corporation for 10 years.

Mr. Bocchino successfully worked to revamp both collection tactics and customer access to permit more collections of accounts and clients’ access to that information. Simultaneously, he created the framework for customer education regarding the placement of collection accounts prior to their being uncollectible.

Mr. Bocchino and his staff provide clients with consultation services over their entire accounting and billing processes that has greatly reduced customer DSO’s. He has also been instrumental in providing clients with unmatched customer service; a move that resulted in the “customer first” reputation that BND enjoys today.

Mr. Bocchino has increased client information access by providing direct view capability to collector information of customer accounts through the use of internet technology; which is viewable as a demonstration at anytime. All of these merits have thereby made him into one of the most respected collection professionals in the country.