What To Expect

1. What do we charge?
Our Rate Program offers detailed information on rates; remember that “We do not get paid unless you get paid.”
2. Are there any upfront fees or sign up charges?
“No,” we work on a contingency fee bases; we only get paid if we collect on your account(s).
“If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.”
3. Do I have to sign a contract?
We have our clients sign a basic agreement on the rates we agree on for the accounts that are placed with our collection service.
4. What area do we collect in?
5. How far can you go back on accounts?
We can go back 2 years in an attempt of collecting debt.
6. Do you require a certain number of accounts to be placed?
We have no requirement to the number of accounts placed.
7. Where is your corporate office located?
Our corporate office is base in Naples, Florida and a satellite office in New York.
8. What is Bocchino and Donato’s success rate?
There is no simple answer or outlandish boast to that question. It is all relative to a number of factors and variables. The Commercial Collection Agency Association reported the industry at 9% as being the industry average rate of recovery from
commercial collection agencies. Bocchino and Donato reported a rate of recovery of 36.7% of every dollar for 2011.
9. How is my company, legally protected, from lawsuit based on the actions of Bocchino and Donato?
As any other collection agency listed with the CLLA, we are fully licensed and bonded with a million dollar Errors &Omissions Insurance Policy.
Upon request, documentation can be provided.
10. Do you provide a free audit and an agreed upon plan of action?
Yes. Each decision we make is based on your company’s best interests. You are more than a client with Bocchino and Donato
you are a priority!
11. Do you have a license to work in all 50 states? Internationally?
Yes and Yes. Bocchino and Donato has clients throughout the globe. Our connections are far reaching and an effective resource in resolving both domestic and international collection issues.
How can we place accounts for collection?
Placement Form to submit your debt collection accounts online